For the future European applications such as Smart Grids for electricity network, smart low energy controlled home appliance, environmental or infrastructure sensor networks, and more generally management of trusted components, more security over communication networks and wireless communications, a number of technologies need to be developed and put in place to make the solutions smarter and more secure. TOISE proposes to address the secure tamper resistant solutions needed by the related embedded applications. Trusted Computing now in practise for the PC and workstation area provides a proven approach face to new attacks, by implementing a chain of authentication and integrity from the boot of the computing platform to the applications set up.

The objective of TOISE is to define, develop and validate trust hardware and firmware mechanisms applicable both to lightweight embedded devices and as security anchors within related embedded platforms.

The aim is to maintain Europe as a worldwide player in the field of efficient implementation of secure integrated devices to address the future European applications. A large initiative is proposed to align a common European position in the area. Several of TOISE partners are participating to related standardisation working groups, such TOISE will allow to develop and promote European solutions in non-yet harmonised bodies.

TOISE brings together European and manufacturing based Semiconductors such STMicroelectronics and Numonyx and Systems actors such Eads, Gemalto, Helenic Aerospace, Proton and Thales, to develop safe and secure solutions. SME develop enabling blocks as IP : Secure IC and Magillem Design. SME contribute to apply the technology to the related targeted applications : AZCom and TST. Cea Leti as security evaluation center performs some security tests. Seven research labs from the participating countries develop the further enabling research.